Forever Young

The one thing I get asked a lot is what is the secret to maintaining a flawless complexion and besides the obvious which is:Proper Nutrition (You are what you eat).
It’s proper protection against the elements. My “It Works” Skin Products is what I like to use on a daily basis. It is very light on the skin and does not provide the extra oils in other lotions and skin care. Your skin needs rehydration to maintain that young vibrant look and maintain its elasticity. 

Did you know that Skin health and integrity is integral to your natural immunity? So practicing good habits in caring for your skin would comprehensively improve your wellbeing – not just appearance! 

One thing to keep in mind that land in the back burner are Facials; they should be done once a month since thats the amount of time your skin takes to cleanse and exfoliate. The skin is the biggest organ in our body and we should definitely be more aware and give it some more tender loving care. 

So in other words, dont wait until the damage starts showing but care for it for it to maintain its health! Then you may be able to preserve that forever young look everyone wants.


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