Journey to Wellness

Hi everyone, thank you for reading my blog! I am a mother of two (10&12) and my journey like most of you is not about weightloss but about helping others find their balance. My journey began when I was unhappy in my marriage. My depression led to unhealthy eating habits and stress that led to unbearable anxiety. I started experimenting with diets and workouts to find my balance and I slowly started finding a community of friends through social media. Every day I learned something new or someone lifted me up by a post when I was feeling down. I have now overcome these obstacles and have learned so much about self healing and nutrition. I take pride in helping anyone that reaches out to me and am happy to help any way I can. I hope my recipes, motivation and encouragement help you all find Your special journey to wellness as well!

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Gretchel Tenorio


Dress for Success Always

So I write this to you today from a simple facebook post I read. This realtor was venting on how she showed up with her clients to a million dollar home to meet with listing agent. To her surprise, she showed up not looking her best in her yoga outfit and not the best first impression you want to give on a sale of that caliber.

If you were the home buyer, would you be sold on handing over a million dollars to someone who didn’t even take the time to be presentable to do a business transaction? Would you allow a doctor to operate on you in his gym attire? Or would you allow a Chef cook your dinner after playing football? The bottom line is that you have to dress the part because perception is everything. Whatever industry you are in that consumer is looking to buy you before the product or service you are selling. 

Here are other reasons why you should dress for sucess:

1. Better mood! Being more positive, friendly, and polite are all traits that have shown to be impacted by dressing better.

2. More authority. People who are dressed better are viewed as being natural leaders.

3. Be prepared, You never know who you’re going to meet! When you’re dressed professionally you’re always ready to meet people with confidence.

4. Look smart. Those that are dressed well are perceived to be smarter and more successful. 

5. Competitive advantage. Are your competitors dressing well?

So within good reason was this realtor in her right to be upset. That first impression can seal the deal or be the deal breaker! From now on remember to look your best not only because you will feel better but because it will be the secret to your success!

Love YOU & Be Happy! 

“Psychology says, if you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy taken. ”

This can’t be more true! I was married for a long time (13 Years) and like some of you, Valentines was a sad holiday for me. For you it might be because you are single, but for me the Holiday represented another day of dissapointment. I was the only one at work not to get flowers or chocolates. I came home to last minute purchased flowers from Publix and him trying to figure out what to do last minute. So for me this holiday was a day of resentment, because i couldn’t understand why I was not deserving of feeling special and appreciated like everyone else. When I became single again, it was a time to rediscover myself and a time of finding my inner peace and when that happened I learned to love and value myself. I no longer have that expectation of needing someone to make me feel special because I make me feel special everyday! I am now in a new relationship and can honestly say that I don’t have the pressure of this Holiday any longer for the very simple reason of loving myself and secondly because my loved ones love me! I dont have the longing for the roses or chocolates (maybe the chocolates lol!) any longer and my boyfriend makes sure to make me feel special everyday and not just on Valentines. Today I celebrate the love within my home which is the priceless gift we give each other!
So just remember that Happiness comes from within and not from people. If you are feeling blue today then you need to practice some self love.
Happy Valentines to you All!!!! 
~XO 🌹

Forever Young

The one thing I get asked a lot is what is the secret to maintaining a flawless complexion and besides the obvious which is:Proper Nutrition (You are what you eat).
It’s proper protection against the elements. My “It Works” Skin Products is what I like to use on a daily basis. It is very light on the skin and does not provide the extra oils in other lotions and skin care. Your skin needs rehydration to maintain that young vibrant look and maintain its elasticity. 

Did you know that Skin health and integrity is integral to your natural immunity? So practicing good habits in caring for your skin would comprehensively improve your wellbeing – not just appearance! 

One thing to keep in mind that land in the back burner are Facials; they should be done once a month since thats the amount of time your skin takes to cleanse and exfoliate. The skin is the biggest organ in our body and we should definitely be more aware and give it some more tender loving care. 

So in other words, dont wait until the damage starts showing but care for it for it to maintain its health! Then you may be able to preserve that forever young look everyone wants.


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So what is “true health” to you? 

As I am eating my lunch I am thinking that there is no such thing as true health, because what is healthy for you may not be healthy for me. So there is no True diet or one diet that is right or wrong as we all have a different blueprint.

I’ve tried so many different diets and I can Truely say that I am not committed to either one. There is not one diet that can completely define what is best for me. The only one to know that answer is my body! The secret of being healthy is listening to your body, your body sends you signals when you are swaying from what it really needs. These signals come from constipation, diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, headaches, rashes, anxiety, fatigue and the list goes on!

What works for me is adapting the things that worked for me from each diet, whether it was Atkins, Paleo, Ketone, Juicing, vegan, etc. and adapting them into my lifestyle and listening to my body. There are days I dont want steak and prefer just a vegetarian diet so I listen to my body and that is what I do. This is the body’s natural process in telling you “hey it’s time to reset and cleanse”.

This is why there is a lot of failure in dieting, because a lot of times people adapt them on a temporary basis. So after the 30 days they saw results but after the 30 the body adjusts itself to new diet and you hit a plateu and when you go back to your old ways you gain it all back. So instead of focusing so much on keeping that strict diet, think about whether this is a diet you can adapt long term. Learning to find that balance is the key for your long term success!!!
So the only True thing is finding your balance and being in-tune with your body!
~With Love